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The College Rector

It is with great joy I welcome you to Upper Room Bible College, Lagos,(An Affiliate of West Africa Theological seminary, Lagos). We are passed to engage with sound in depth biblical studies or theological education that will enable your development into a well grounded minister of Gospel of our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and a faithful worker in His vineyard.

Our faculty comprises man and woman who are knowledgeable with the field of Biblical studies, Church History, Christian ministry, Pastoral ministry, missions, conflict resolution among others. They are also people who have long years of radical experience in church based ministry and missionary endeavors. The interface between the school authority and student body is seamless and allows far easy interaction and effective pastoral counseling where necessary. We do not limit our students to only classroom experience. They are engaged with different local churches and supervision of ministry work and also taken out for mission field to further deeper their experience.

We believe strongly in you having a valued moment with us during your time with us.

God bless you.


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